My Pirates Eyes

by Heather's Starting End



Your mind is the Thief that has hijacked my heart
Your eyes,
Hold hostage my soul

It was a Pinot Noir you bent down to give,
But a kiss, instead
That you stole

It made my heart roar,
Both thunder and joy
Forgot its past, as well as
Its grief

Seduced by your whisper,
Your breath on my neck
Of โ€œCome with now, letโ€™s leaveโ€

Years have passed by since that moment in time,
When you became,
A Pirate to me

Captured by you I will always remain,
Forever drowning,
In our mutual Sea

For again if we cross, by Sea, land or air,
This mistress will vow to be weak
Unable to break away from the hold,
From the Pirate she always did seek

So till you rescue me, or I rescue you
Till our sails worlds apart,
Towards eachother,
Once cast

Iโ€™ll raise my wine, still a Pinot Noir,
To keep alive this memory
That was meant to last



11 Comments to “My Pirates Eyes”

  1. love this – what a picture you paint! Bravo!

  2. Amazing ๐Ÿ™‚ Blessings, Friend~

  3. Sometimes memories are better than realities . . . Passionate . . .

  4. Reblogged this on Poetry by Pamela and commented:

    I love this

  5. As I said earlier, you capture better than a camera!!

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