The Wedding

by Michelle Sherlock

Photo of stained glass at St Stephens Church, Tonbridge

The veil


ethereally in front of the bride’s face

did nothing to disguise her beauty

her complete joy

as she gazed into the eyes of her beloved

and repeated her vows


Cheers rang loudly

from gathered relatives and friends

witnessing their delight and anticipation

as the two pledged to become one

Countless devices whirled and clicked

as watchers sought to engrave the moment

in artificial memory


Little ones danced and jigged

caught up in the excitement

Young girls daydreamed of their own fairy-tale wedding

Teens gazed dumb-struck

Within a few short years it could be them

Mature married couples remembered their vows

and pledged themselves to each other anew


Young mothers leaked tears of joy

that their own union had

at last been fruitful

Little footsteps had been a long time in coming

For some the occasion was bitter-sweet

reminding them of their own faded hopes and dreams

as time spun on


For still others

it was life affirming

a cycle so individual

and yet so oft repeated

 a cycle of glorious endings and beginnings

of legacy, of heritage

of new birth


The bride

Rose and fell

With the cadence of the music

Resounding through the church

Their vows of mutual lifelong passion and service

Still ringing in her heart


‘For better, for worse

For richer, for poorer,

In sickness and in health

Until death do us part’


~ Michelle Sherlock ~



9 Comments to “The Wedding”

  1. Beautiful sentiment and very expressive images painted here. Nice.

  2. Thank you I wrote in in honour of a couple I know who were married this weekend!

  3. Its a big, long, beautiful poem.

    You did not use “read more”

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