The broken voice

by Jem Croucher

When Jimmy woke that fateful day
He knew something had gone away
(But what it was he could not tell
For he couldn’t speak or shout or yell)
Worried sick he fetched his Mum
Who told him off and smacked his bum
For being jolly late for school
And that just wouldn’t do at all
But, writing on a paper pad
He told his Mum he wasn’t mad
For something had gone quite away
And made him ill upon this day
(But what it was he could not tell
For he couldn’t speak or shout or yell)
“You silly fool” his Mum had spoken
“Don’t you know your voice has broken?”
“Go fetch the bits and make it quick,
“Or you’ll end up being jolly sick”
So off he went back to his room
Armed with a big long-handled broom
And found the bits upon the floor
As his throat began to get quite sore
Took them back down to his Mum
Who’d found some sticky tape and gum
And mended quick the broken bits
That had made poor Jimmy jolly sick
“Open wide” (she was quite curt)
“Cos this is really going to hurt”
And, reaching down into his throat
She stuck it back and made him croak
Then for several days folk stared agog
At the boy who sounded like a frog
But then one simply marvellous day
The croak had simply gone away
And Jimmy found that he had grown
A brand new voice all of his own
Happy now, he loud could tell
For he could speak and shout and yell
That his voice had changed from tinny squeak
To one grown-up and jolly deep.


2 Comments to “The broken voice”

  1. Hi,
    I love your blog. This is why an award given to me titled A Very Inspired Blog came to me, I immediately thought of passing it on to you. The award is on my blog.

    There you will find rules to follow. Please leave a comment after taking the award. Thank you.

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