Promise Me

by Emily Page

Promise me that you’re happy, that nothing is breaking your heart,
Promise me that your house is strong, and isn’t just falling apart.

That the kids fill your heart full of happiness, and give you a feeling of pride,
That your wife is a wonderful woman, who reminds you each day of your bride.

I hope that your job is fulfilling and lets you exercise your fine mind,
That your downtime is fun and relaxing, with friends of that special kind.

Oh promise me that you’re happy, that you’ve forgiven me being a cow,
Oh promise me that you are happy, that you think no more of that now.

There are words I know we can’t say now, though our hearts both know what is true
Though you left me feeling rejected, that was no reason for me to hurt you.

I wish I could tell you I’m sorry, or even just try to explain,
The pain I inflicted upon you has left me in all kinds of shame.

I need to know that you’re happy, that is all I can hope for, and how
Oh please just tell me you’re happy, ‘cos you’ll never say “I love you” now.

© Emily Page


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