Please Don’t Become

by Heather's Starting End


If you could measure your life
By nothing but my love,
Then I hope you’d have
Already, an eternity lived

Please don’t become
The flowing water of my tears,
Provoker of my insecure fears,
The waster of my remaining years

I will be the walls of your life
Supporting your dreams
Dark times,
I’ll give vision
To your sight

Please don’t become
The one that turns his head,
When all I need is just an ear
The one to gaze off blankly,
When I reach for you to hear

I have offered you the riches
Of all that can not be held,
Followed you when you were lost
While moving stones out of your way

Please stay here, be the one,
To give support when I need it too
To love and listen, understand,
If my strength runs out too soon




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