Monday Morning

by Venkat


today dear, is a wonderful day
in the sun glistened moist dew
my heart pulses loud, as I pray
as a newborn flower, feeling new

in waves of delight, I am graced
loaded with thoughts to share
as a breeze of cloud, I am placed
to shower my feelings of care

the mind my dear, veers far away
perhaps in lurking pain or imagination
life’s essence is not to react, but play
to bring it back on course till liberation

when the path is one with fault
it seems unwise to hold and stop
let your anger be locked in a vault
become a guide instead till the top

when the path is slippery, of grease
it seems unwise to laugh out loud
let your superior air come to freeze
lend a hand, be in their eyes proud

when the path seems arduous, long
it seems unwise to be heartless, cold
let your ego lose itself into a song
be gentle water on dry throats of the old

when the path is seductive, of pleasure
it seems unwise to preach morality more
let your senses be for moments of leisure
educate, let not control of rules be a sore

every faltered way, a reason to smile
an opportunity to be love’s messenger
not a chance for mind’s sinister guile
strength, built on openness forever

image from of Jessica Northey


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