Hosting My Life

by Heather's Starting End

81311 Expectation 6 x 6 inches, oil on raymar email

I keep pouring their glasses at my party of life
Keeping my guests, full and plenty
Entertaining, accommodating, all seems fine
Turn around,
I see my glass is still empty

Staying focused on happiness, that my guests
Need for naught,
I turn to my glass,
Yet again, I’ve forgot

Me, myself and again
Have forgotten ourselves, as the time
Slipped on by

The party roars on, the energy firm,
My guests hold on to the night
Somehow I’ve tired and try to move on
My glass, now nowhere in sight

Is your glass half full,
Or do you see it half empty
A question we hear all the time

While hosting my life
And busy with them,
Can please someone
Pour me a wine?

…Moral of the Poem? Check your glass because it’s your life too. Have a beautiful week, my Dear Hosts and Hostesses!




2 Comments to “Hosting My Life”

  1. What a beautiful poem………. a man whole life keep on working and gathering for family and for others…….. He is so busy that never gets time to think of himself once until the ultimate bell rings….

    • Yes, Veda 🙂 there is always another “Host” out there looking for you, incase you forget yourself 🙂 Sometimes just not as often as we’d hope or like. Thank you for your perfect analogy! -H.

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