Here Up High

by Heather's Starting End


Perched high up above,
Your house bought with a view
Outside of these walls,
There’s nothing to do

So you sit and you look
As the day turns to night,
This 24 hour view of your life

There are no city lights
To go out under to stroll,
A café for a coffee
With a friend who would call

To greet you with energy,
A smile, a glance
Anything to not
Give this loneliness a chance

All you see, all you have,
Are the seasons that change
Here the Summer turns Winter,
In between, crying rain

The only thing passing
Are your days up here high,
Caged in a home
As your time slips on by

And a world that you know,
That you’ve lived does exist,
So why do you let
This monotony persist

As the Queen of a Castle,
Midst of no man’s land
Sitting with so
Much time on your hands

To dream of your past
Till the sun starts to set
To wish and to want
The years you once spent

When life was alive
With a hint of a sin,
So much choice what to do,
Just where to begin

A play, a museum,
Boat ride on the sea
Sunday brunch out with friends
That first gets lively by 3

I sit here today
In a faraway land
Feeling so terribly misplaced,

Instead of going back
To the world I crave most
I’m swallowed up, in my lonely,
High view space



4 Comments to “Here Up High”

  1. Lovely Heather..A bit of isolation does bring a new perspective!

  2. beautifully expressed Swiss Ami 🙂

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