Your Warm Body

by Heather's Starting End


Until that time
Again or in a dream,
Your soothing sounds
I will hear
In the most turbulent times
I’ll be stronger, as
Your song plays in my ear

The shine of the moon
As silk, on you last night
As you came closer,
You held  my gaze
As you surged with all your might

As if to ask me
Here to stay,
To lay down by your side
Not to ever go away,
Rather here, in your tide
To hide

This morning you receded
When you knew I had to leave,
And then I heard your sadness,
As you cried with crashing grief

I went back to say good bye again,
When in fact it was for me,
Wanting to be near you,
Your warm body
Once more
To see

I tried to hold you
As you kissed my toes,
But you rolled away
You came back, caressed me,
Left again
As I sunk inside with pain

To live as one with you,
For now it just can’t be
But your memory will light
The darkest days I see

The warmth I felt
While floating together,
Like new birth, I can’t let go
Know that I’ll come back to you,
My sensuous Gulf
Of Mexico




6 Comments to “Your Warm Body”

  1. Reblogged this on Dazzling Whimsy and commented:
    truly lovely

  2. a love poem for the tides and the ages

  3. The tide and it’s body are love one true love of my life.

  4. Astoundingly Beautiful. I was captivated. 🙂

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