by Emily Page

She is a flower blossoming in his sunshine.
Beautiful in spring bud she is perfect,
But she does not know it.
He is blind to it.
And only outstretched in his warm rays does she feel it.

But does he see her beauty?
As he leaves, clouds cast shadows on her outstretched radiance.
Time spent with him, brief and refreshing as a sudden shower.
His long absences, a summer drought. She shrivels, wilts.
But her roots are strong as she clings to life.

His silence is the quiet fall of autumn leaves around her.
Winter frosts chill the ground and quietly, she disappears into herself.
But Mother Nature gives her strength in the cold landscape of life,
Her steady heart keeps beating, until that sunny Spring day when in his warmth
She feels her heart beat once more.

© Emily Page


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