by sheketechad

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It is there, and it whispers in and among thoughts

Barely evident, like a shadow, perhaps imagined

Draping my collarbone weightlessly

Taking my elbow and guiding through the crowd in my mind


Turn my head, trying to avoid it, not look at it

But wanting to look far more closely

Daring not, it is too early

For looking askance at something intangible


Crossing my mind at inopportune times

Causing something that slumbers to unfurl

Stretch, and look around with sleepy eyes from inside

Wondering why it has been kept caged for such a long time


Then, doubting winds blow it away due to lack of hard evidence

And the metallic reality of balancing scales weigh in

Yes. No. Maybe. Who Cares? What if? And so forth.

So I finally choose the word to describe it for today – inconclusive.


Do you know what it is?


2 Comments to “Inconclusive”

  1. What comes to mind as I read your verses is love . . . God’s love . . . unconditional and irresistible . . . Grace beyond measure in the light of my brokenness . . . Provocative thought in that last line . . . Thanks!

  2. Thank you Peter. It will be perhaps, something different in every reader’s eye. I like that you answered what it was you see.

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