Steve the Seagull

by Jem Croucher

Steve the seagull ventured from
His nest one summer’s morn
High up on the rooftop
Where with his siblings he’d been born

Thought he’s had enough of
being up there in the sun
Wondered at the down below
Where it looked a lot more fun

Flapped his fledgling wings a bit
and hopped out into space
Plummeted immediately with
a lack of seagull grace

Found himself in a small garden
with strange smells and grass of green
such a totally different world
From the one ’til then he’d seen

Hopped around bewildered
looking for a snack
but when he couldn’t find one
thought he’d best be getting back

Flapped his wings, ran a bit
and jumped up pretty high
Then rapidly discovered that
He couldn’t actually fly

Time passed by, the sun went down
the day turned into night
But Steve wasn’t all that bothered
about his unexpected plight

Water in a bowl appeared
So he could quench his thirst
And he’d found a few small worms to eat
although they tasted strange at first

Thirty-six hours later though
and Steve was feeling pretty glum
Mum and Dad had made it clear
‘You’re on your own now, son’

He’d watched, forlorn as they had swooped
Up there in the blue
So close yet now so far away
From the world he thought he knew

And then to make things worse
He was grabbed, stuffed in a crate
Taken from the garden
Wondered what should be his fate

Steve the seagull found himself
on a beach with sand and sea
with lots of other seagulls
full of life and flying free

And with another run and spread of wings
He found that he could too
Rise up in the air and fly
with the others in the blue

Steve the seagull swooped and soared
Found his voice and cried aloud
A fledgling chick no more he was
A Sussex gull and proud

5 Comments to “Steve the Seagull”

  1. Wonderful 🙂 Happy Friday and Have a Fantastic Week End~

  2. Thanks Morgan. Big Smiles.

  3. Love it. Just been in the beach too

  4. Thanks for the lovely poem!

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