White Mask

by Lena Bitare

The reddish pillowcase bar
The soap that washes her scar
The lining deep within her skin
The spots that linger under her blemish cream

She licked her red lipstick
To her fine, beautiful lips
The eyes that got bigger
Under mascara’s power

Her eyes look at the mirror
Unending her beauty got her tremors
But then you threw away the creams
And cried her shattered heart and broken dreams

On your twenties you think you looked like Rihanna
And on your fifties almost like Madonna
You’ll always look perfect to me
No matter what they say

She got a white mask
To hide her almost perfect face
You should see how I see you
Perfect and perfectly if you ever just knew


Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

4 Comments to “White Mask”

  1. Both your poems are lovely.

    BTW you forgot the read more button 🙂

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