Your words are lies

by Harry

Submitted by Susan Haines
WORDS, your words are lies
I did not see that in your eyes!

I should have know you were just the same
with lying words and hurting games

Your words are lies

You spent a lot of time to find out how I felt
then said the things I wanted to hear to make my body melt

your words were lies

And when you said I was the best, and you ONLY wanted me,
I guess I closed my eyes so tight that I could not see

your words were lies

I gave to you the best of me, my body and my soul
cause you said you’d never leave, you would not let me go

your words were lies

You said you wished one day we’d meet and in your arms I’d be
I trusted you and I believed so I gave you all of me

your words were lies

You told me that you needed me, I said I felt the same
You told me it was really real, but for you twas just a game

your words were lies

And when you said you missed me, but just could not get free
and wished that you could find a way to spend some time with me

your words were lies

I knew you did not love me, but I thought you really cared
you said you loved the time together that we shared

your words were lies

You said we’d always be as one, you would never make me sad
Those were lies that hurt me deep and make me feel sooooo bad

your words were lies

I know that you don’t care at all, now that we’re apart
a man like you, he can not care, cause he goes without a heart
So, all the time I gave to you all I had to give
The thing that I’ll remember most as long as I shall live?


Your words were lies, your words were cheap, as you told me I was yours to keep



2 Comments to “Your words are lies”

  1. A reflection of a heart broken person,a good poem .Lies are a consequence of unfaithfullness.I am inspired to write a poem on “Faithfulness”

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