Matthew Tyler’s Motor Car

by Jem Croucher

Matthew Tyler’s motor car was always breaking down
He’d had it now for several years
It had given joy but now gave tears
Some used to smile but now they jeered
When he drove around

Matthew Tyler’s motor car had a big bash in the front
Happened last year in the drought
When suddenly a tree jumped out
Despite his desperate warning shout
And given him a shunt

Matthew Tyler’s motor car coughed and spluttered all the time
If human it’d be out to grass
Driving really was a farce
Made him look ridicularse
Perhaps it was a sign?

Matthew Tyler’s motor car wouldn’t start when it was cold
He’d have a chat and plead with it
And then he’d shout and stamp a bit
Made himself look quite a twit
‘Cos the car was just plain old

Matthew Tyler’s motor car died on Friday night
There was a nasty clunking sound
A big black pool upon the ground
A pervading smell for miles around
It was a sorry sight

Matthew Tyler’s motor car sat and rusted in the drive
He moped about for several days
Got quite hacked off in his malaise
Forgave his car’s annoying ways
Wished it was still alive

Matthew Tyler’s motor car got taken to the tip
He watched it go all dressed in black
Cleared his throat with cough and hack
Shed a tear then turned his back
Biting bottom lip

Matthew Tyler’s motor car is so clean it makes him choke
It shines and glistens in the sun
It purrs as its new engine runs
Driving is again just fun
He is a lucky bloke

3 Comments to “Matthew Tyler’s Motor Car”

  1. Good one,i liked it.

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