Only the Lucky Few

by S. K. Reiter

The repetition begins at an early age,
with competition to make the grades.
It’s early to rise, to knot the ties,
sip your coffee and monetize.
The work is hard, but still we strive,
because a new toy is in our eyes.
Do we love the work we do,
so often only the lucky few.
To pay for the life that we live,
our sweat we must give.


5 Comments to “Only the Lucky Few”

    • mon·e·tize
      verb: monetize; 3rd person present: monetizes; past tense: monetized; past participle: monetized; gerund or present participle: monetizing; verb: monetise; 3rd person present: monetises; past tense: monetised; past participle: monetised; gerund or present participle: monetising
      convert into or express in the form of currency.
      adapt (a society) to the use of money.
      “a fully monetized society”

  1. Basically my life right now. Finishing school, but longing for a job that I will enjoy, but yet needing one that pays enough to take yearly trips, but one that is flexible to allow me to go. Great poem

    • Very cool ~ I love it when another person relates to something I have written and occupies the same headspace I’ve been. hate having to make money, but we need it to live and do the things we do love. 🙂

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