by dianarasmussen

Run (run) hide (hide)
gunshots fired

Adversary appearance
False security clearance
Deceitful interference
Honesty disappearance

Hidden enemy agents
Taking bribery payments
Making suspicious statements
Underhanded allegiance

Corrupt administration
Fund misappropriation
Unlawful federation
Reckless incorporation

Crooked organization
Insider information
Angles of inclination
Team demoralization

Character assassination
Judas identification
Bodily extermination
Absolute annihilation

Feel it brooding – dark and moody (Sabotage)
Feel it swelling – lies foretelling (Sabotage)
Feel it rippling – motion sickening (Sabotage)
Feel it rising – compromising (Sabotage)


~Copyright 2014 Diana Rasmussen~

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