The ocean of life

by Jem Croucher

Out in the ocean of life
Tossed by the menacing seas
I struggled like a ship without radar
To find my way home
But the waves towered, mountains of water
Folding fields into hillsides of terror
And I lost all sense of direction
As I floundered all alone
Falling foul of the watery maelstrom
As the sky turned black overhead
I struggled in life’s dark waters
Turned by back on the promise of hope
But, as the bilge struggled lame with the floodtide
And my ship listed further to port
I saw a flash of bright light on the horizon
Through the spray and the seething foam
And the lighthouse guided me homeward
Set my path with its beam in the night
And brought me back into harbour
To the safety of my Father’s home.


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