What defines our Beauty?


Am I my lips, my hair, 

Or my skin achingly fair?


Am I my eyes, my breasts

That wish to protest but succumb to contests?


Am I my legs and fanny

Or my hair stubbornly unhappy?


Will I still be me, 

Without my skin fair,

Or breasts and lips full?


Will you still want me,

When my skin wrinkles,

When my lips crinkle,

After my breasts dwindle?

Will I still see me?

Will I still love me?



We can’t buy, eat or dress beauty – these kinds of beauty cannot sustain us.

What sustains us is loving kindness – loving kindness towards ourselves, and to those around us.

Only then do we become Beauty.

By embodying beauty inside and outside, we enjoy everlasting beauty of the heart and soul.

~ smt



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