A Little Piece of Me

by S. K. Reiter

I want and need my quiet time to think and write and be.
A tiny place in the world where I alone am enough and have time wonder, rest and see.
With a few moments to breathe and take care of myself because I am more fragile than I seem.
I worry too much about how I’m seen and what you think and if I came across as mean.
I have never felt I was good enough, even if I appear strong and smart and tough.
I don’t have children and never shall, but I do love kids and your will do nicely if I ever need a pal.
To those I love and those I’m with, I care and give and empathize.
My expectations are so high, it’s no wonder my disappointments are piled to the sky.
A little piece of me is all that’s left, so leave me be, that’s all you get.


8 Comments to “A Little Piece of Me”

  1. Exactly how I feel right now, almost scary! Thank you for this poem! 🙂

  2. hold it, protect it… be careful not to smother it… but like a seed it may flourish, if nurtured kindly… poetry can be the catalyst…. thanks for sharing…

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