Let There Always Be

by Venkat


let there always be
little shortfall to see
a strong need to fulfil
inspiration to instill

let there always be
a wee bit of mystery
an urge to stir the mind
a missing piece to find

let there always be
a line out of melody
keep a desire alive
to perfect, have a drive

let there always be
a chance to remedy
heal wounds of heart
look afresh as a start

let there always be
a portion in parody
to laugh out loud
make us less proud

let there always be
people who disagree
bring onward a meaning
from diverse feeling

let there always be
age, to make it weary
an end to understand
cycle of a life, grand

image: pixabay.com

5 Comments to “Let There Always Be”

  1. Very beautiful, Venkat . . . And insightful as one who is wise beyond his years . . .

  2. Love this – especially the line about laughing out loud and becoming less proud

  3. Reblogged this on Looking4GodToday and commented:

    Love the simplicity and complexity of this poetry – Lesson in life

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