Things Gone Missing

by Peter Notehelfer
Georges Braque

Georges Braque

Where are the things gone missing?

          The tool essential to today’s task

          The name of the woman in the aisle

          The phone number of a fishing-buddy

          The pills I need to take this morning      

Some mischievous gnome has moved in

Set his pointy little mind on trickery 


What happened to this place anyway?

          The furniture has all been moved

          There was a fountain in that courtyard

          The noisy Italian family lived next door

          The corner coke machine took quarters

I go to sleep & the world is a svelte size 3

I wake up & everyone’s in a mu’umu’u


Who’s that old man looking back at me?

          I’m in a 3 piece suit he’s in blue denim

          I’m carrying a computer bag he a cane

          I’ve a Trojan in my pocket he a Depends

          On my arm is a blond He wears a brace

In my mind’s eye all is forever as it was

Only the mirror on the wall is distorted


Did you ask if I’d like to go out for the evening?

          Cocktails & dinner perhaps on the waterfront

          After a cappuccino maybe see the late show

          A ride in the moonlight along the sea shore

          We could make small talk or just be silent

Death is not a station to which we go to check out

It’s the steady daily sloughing of life off ourselves




4 Comments to “Things Gone Missing”

  1. Capture it…go out and take in that Show 🙂 So truly written, it is us that lets it pass and take hole of us. We turn around and suddenly it “is” what the mirror tells.

  2. the last 2 lines do it up right – kudos for your Hawaiian lexicography

  3. Marvelous, as always 🙂

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