Symphony of Life

by Peter Notehelfer
Episode #531: Stan Beppu

Episode #531: Stan Beppu

The deep tympani rumbles

Signaling shifting tectonic plates

As all the while cellos & violas hold the tension

With their long slow bowing of deep rising rivers

Above them chattering violins put 

A thousand insects to flight 


Hear the loon out on the lake

Grieving widow of the dead soldier

Her oboe groans returned to her by woodwinds

Higher by a fourth lower by a third till the geese

Pass overhead long skeined perfect

Echoes in haunted bassoons


The single muted french horn

Moves deftly through the landscape

Perfectly translucent angel of golden mercy

Pausing first on the hill top then at the ridge

Finally right at the lake’s low shore

Laying his ashes in the water


Silence now at all our loss

No insect stirs no bird sings

Even all the geese have settled on some cove

In stillness we are born in stillness we will die

But nature abhors all silence

Again plates begin to shift 

16 Comments to “Symphony of Life”

  1. easily among the finest poems to be found on wordpress – especially appealed to my musician’s heart

  2. Thank you, Paul . . . That’s high praise from such a gifted poet! Of course you may reblog: I consider all my work in the public domain – sand castles on the beach washed away by the next high tide . . . Blessings . . .

  3. Reblogged this on Poesy plus Polemics and commented:
    Peter Notehelfer has written one of the finest poems to be found on WordPress – I encourage you to read his work

  4. Music is the perfect poetry…very nice poem!

  5. Thank you, Sabra, for recognizing the beauty of words . . . They are my delight . . .

  6. a great poem with very cool imagery and detail great great poem

  7. This is beautifully done and very uplifting. Thank you.

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