by Heather's Starting End

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It’s so nice you came to hear me say,
Just a small bit about my day
The one with 24 hours I had,
Spent 9 of them sleeping
Is that real bad?

When I woke this morning and these feet hit the ground,
What are you kidding? No speed of sound!
I haplessly carried the weight of my head,
To the kitchen for coffee and then back to bed
To sip it in quiet and take just an hour,
Before shocking my system with a cold water shower
Ha! Not cold, are you joking me?
I hope you don’t take me so literally!

It was warm and gentle, slow and steady,
God knows how much time I need till I’m ready,
To face the day that is now hitting Noon
And midafternoon coffee that’s coming up soon
I thought and I planned as the hours got thinner,
Right up until I was cooking dinner

I thought “Sun are you tired?”, I looked out its BLACK!
Ooops, a quarter to ten, can you imagine that!!!
The day is long gone and the night has set in,
All those hours slipped past me again!

So I’m glad you came by to read of my day
Progress zero,
But the  coffee was great!




2 Comments to “Oooops!”

  1. Progress not zero. You wrote one poem!!!

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