Will I ever know?

by Emily Page

Will I ever know if you loved me?
Will you ever say those words to me now?
Will you ever tell me your secret?
I’m trying to figure out how.

Is it not buried too deep in our past?
Should I just leave it and weep, for the shame?
And if I found out and you told me,
How could ‘us’ ever feel the same?

Are we both not happy with others?
With kids of our own it is true.
Would we just be selfish pursuing it?
Oh how to stop thinking of you?

Do I just feel neglected and unloved?
But I miss that old look in your eyes.
Oh how the memories shake me
Don’t I know where my heart’s desire lies?

Could I have imagined your longing?
Those whispers so close in my ear?
I can’t have made it all up in my mind
I love you so much still my dear!

© Emily Page


One Comment to “Will I ever know?”

  1. I like it, but very sad, i think you have a yearning.

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