Five Elements

by Venkat

Fame, a sweet poison
Concocted by own thought
Standing on a reason
With long fears, fraught

Success, a strange fruit
Taking years of labor to bear
Yet lost in selfish pursuit
As a tree with nothing to share

Relationship, an illusion
Where black is same as white
All colors grey in presumption
From words read in dim light

Love, bipolar as beheld
A glue of bond when given
A termite when withheld
Thin edge between hell, heaven

Life, a bitter truth divine
From one struggle to another
A myth of gathered shine
Busted by a distance farther

5 Comments to “Five Elements”

  1. A bit dark today, Venkat; tomorrow you’ll turn this poem on its head and make a bright one of the same words . . .

  2. Love the fourth verse. So true.

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