by Peter Notehelfer

Anger is everywhere

This self-indulgent anger

At the masters of the universe

Who in planting a new hemp crop

Harvested instead whisps of smoke

Carried away on capitalist wings

But sold on street corners

As futures instruments 


Even the president

Insists we should all rage

At such unblushing greed the

Emphasis put on the unblushing part

Since what is America if not greedy?

From tiffany’s to target the

Economy shovels goods

Like spuds into swine


Who ever wait in line

For the next container ship

Of softer lounges bigger LEDs

Sleeker cell phones & designer jeans

Produced by children in sweatshops

Who live out of garbage dumps

Sleep on the city sidewalks

And die daily of aids


Anger is everywhere

Only the faces of those

Who deserve our rage remain

Hidden as if behind one way glass

We  know them but by their brands

AIG Merrill Lynch BofA Amex

America’s gods these are

In them lies our trust

3 Comments to “Anger”

  1. The “dumbing down” is at work…the belief has been bought. Perfect rant poetry, Peter!!!!

  2. greed, of a kind, is a theme for me today, too

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