Thinking Into Disaster

by Venkat

We may understand very well
Yet never think we understood

We may perform the best
Yet never think to be the best

We may create art, grand
Yet never think to be grand

We may lift spirits with humor
Yet never think to be humorous

We may love in ways perfect
Yet never think to be perfect

We may perceive far ahead
Yet never think to be ahead

In thinking so, we invite disaster
As a hole splitting the sails apart

3 Comments to “Thinking Into Disaster”

  1. A curious poem, Venkat: I’m not sure I follow your reasoning which I usually grasp like a sharp arrow in flight . . . The final lines seem to suggest that our acceptance of our very human limitations is a prescription for disaster . . . I would argue that it is the imperfections in the creative process are precisely what makes our art significant and meaningful. Without humility we are no more than arrogant demigods to ourselves and in time fools in the eyes of historians who know none of us is ever as good as he/she pretends to be . . . Artificial Intelligence will one day write the perfect poem, paint the perfect sunset, throw the perfect pot, carve the perfect idol; but their work will not be ‘art’, merely a display of technical genious. incapable of stirring the heart or mind of one seeking a glimpse of the Incarnation – Divinity dressed in human symbols . . .It is not our imperfection God fears mosf from us; as much as it is our arrogance in suggesting that we in fact ‘perfect’ . . . Some creative people are good in their own eyes; other strive to be better in their own;God wonders if we will stay true to the challenge pursuing our own.efforts in saying what we see

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