God’s Idea

by Peter Notehelfer
Mitchell Mohnhauser hdw.eweb4.com

Mitchell Mohnhauser hdw.eweb4.com


God had this idea

It was largely because

In his abundant spare time

Things were running fairly well

And well he thought they might not 

Just run but be more interesting as well   

What if this world created ex nihilo

Could change aesthetically even

While it grew exponentially

That clever little engine

They call the leaf

Might fare better                                      soaking up carbon

If painted periodically                    pumping out oxygen

One day the thermostat

Began to rise just one degree

At a time and the ancient orchard

Once blossom pink went darkening green

Accentuating the sweetening fruit

Which at twilight seemed stars

Against the night dark sky

As degrees tumbled

Tree colors arose                                              apples to table

Pruned & asleep                                                 leaves to glory

Blanketed by winter

Trees dream new leaves

As new buds push on old bark

None to be just the same as the last

Even as no artists’ brushes paint old art

First crocuses then daffodils & tulips

And before we even realize it  

The gray limbed apple tree

Has put on the spring

For our sheer delight                                                     alleluia        


2 Comments to “God’s Idea”

  1. “I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree…”

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