In the Every`Day

by Peter Notehelfer


It is in the every`day

That our lives are starved for beauty

That our spirits long for a little holiday 


A Mahler symphony makes for an inspired evening

So long as Gustav’s not asleep in the stacks of old lps

A Shakespeare sonnet offers an enlightened afternoon

If old William isn’t buried in a crate of old text books

Van Gogh’s Hayfields will transport you to Provence

Unless of course you saw it on a tour of the Louvre

Joyce’s Dubliners will take you into an Irish stout

Provided you can lay your hand on his faded spine


Lab technicians with liberal arts educations

We have forgotten what we learned

Dying of thirst in the every`day

5 Comments to “In the Every`Day”

  1. they (liberal arts majors) touch so much culture but rarely feel it

  2. Like one has to come out of one’s skin to recognise others…

  3. aaaahhh… so many inspirational points in dust on the bookshelf. Hunger eternally for all that is and has been, still, indeed!

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