pied piper

by lviswa

A Pied Piper  rustic  but humane

gathers chidren behind him

runs into an Asylum on his way

The desolate ,  needy greeted by

The differently -abled hugged n cheered

leads them around, piping music

sits them by the table

feed in their mouths food their favourite

to their hearts’content also warming

them with a feeling of kindness

makes them cosy to rest& relax

dances to their tune swinging

jumping singing around

with tell-tale stories of his own

all with the beck& call of his

tiny friends behind

a colourful day dawns

in the life of Destitute.

expert player

music melody

colorful day dawns in the

life of Destitute.



5 Comments to “pied piper”

  1. Friendship in the worst of times. 🙂

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