Rejoice, Hand in Glove

by Venkat

Speculate not on the bell
On what it did before
On its shapely metal
Or history of the ore

Rejoice in its sound, whole
Become one with peace
Listen to language of soul
Where world comes to cease

Ask not ‘why’ anymore
On what life ever means
On blue sky or sea shore
Or color of soya beans

Rejoice in its presence
Become one with heaven
Discard living on fence
Between vision and reason

Argue not for right or wrong
On opinion, better or worse
On historical pitch of a song
Or words meant to curse

Rejoice in a life without fear
Become one with a love
Distance is same, far or near
Have the Lord, hand in glove

4 Comments to “Rejoice, Hand in Glove”

  1. I would say this is a brilliant poem, Venkat . . . not in its appearance but in its substance . . . Bravo . . .

  2. Too good…. What a deep thought……….. if all of us learned it….. no altercation can exist then……… 🙂

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