See Love In Your Pain

by Venkat

You may grind me to dust
With razor sharp feelings
Remember this, you must
In my rebirth, for meanings

From dust I rise, born
To be ground yet again
Until your anger is torn
To see love in your pain

You may cut me in each part
With incisor tipped critical eyes
Beware, your end is my start
To become whole as you criticise

From blood I rise awake
To be sliced yet again
Until your thoughts bake
To see love in your pain

You may burn me alive
With fires of your scorn
Know well that I will arrive
An ice from fire, reborn

Atop your stone hard heart
To be burned yet again
Until your prejudices depart
To see love in your pain

You may imprison me now
With chains of hatred, wild
I can make you wonder how
Free I am, as a difficult child

From confinement I find liberty
To be caged yet again
Until you regret your insanity
To see love in your pain


2 Comments to “See Love In Your Pain”

  1. Powerful, Venkat!

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