Cancer of the Soul

by Heather's Starting End


I see me now,
And reflect on a time when
Once lost ,
Needing to be found again

I see those years,
Just a walk on part
On the stage
Of my life
In a house I occupied,
But where I did not
In a bed I slept,
But did not

My echoing thoughts,
A confirmation
Of loneliness,
Filled with emptiness,
Although be it without solitude

The night could have been day,
The day could have been night
For I mourned both,
But wished,
Both away
Dark sadness

A mere band aid
For an open bleeding heart
Hurt in the moment
Hurt as it passed
Yet stood still as it ran

It was then when I had
Cancer of the Soul,
Living lifeless,
Needing to be born again
Not wanting to grow old

Photo source: unknown


15 Comments to “Cancer of the Soul”

  1. Powerful, Moving, Heather . . . I especially liked the flow of the lines ‘Hurt in the moment / Hurt as it passed / Yet stood still as it ran . . . The inner well from which you draw water is deep . . .

  2. Lovely touching poem.

  3. I LOVE this poem, Heather. It is wonderful. I believe many people, myself included, have had similar times, feelings, and experiences, in our lives. You eloquently spoke for all of us with this creation. Thank you!

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