Who’s A Big Bad Wolf Then

by Harry

Submitted by Anni Leppin

How come it’s the wolf that gets the bad name
In every dammed fairy story it’s always the same
From Little Red Riding Hood to the Three Little Pigs
It’s always the wolf that gets the bad gigs
Yeah I’m the big wolf and I walk the walk
But I’m an Islamic wolf and I never eat pork
I eat rice with vegetables and lots of lamb
But give me a break I never do ham

So why would I kill the three little piglets
Such cuddly creatures such fine tempered triplets
I’m a real estate guru out here in the sticks
I needed one of the houses, the one made of bricks
My main intention was to buy up their land
The pigs duly notified, and so it was planned

They wanted the money, they wanted to sell
But they decided to mutiny, they began to rebel
The pigs lived each in their own little dwelling
I had to remove them; that place was smelling
But these three little buggers would not be parted
Had to get them all out before bidding started

So I huffed and I puffed and blew two houses down
Determined I was to build a boomtown
Eventually I resettled those three little wigglers
And successfully sold them to the highest of bidders
Now I’m a cool wolf dude with a dedicated purpose
So don’t tell your kids stories to make them nervous

I live in the desert in a rather large mansion.
And I’m still a Land Rat with room for expansion


4 Comments to “Who’s A Big Bad Wolf Then”

  1. Such a sweet story 🙂

  2. This is too good!!!! lol!!!!!

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