by Harry


Art By Harry Mullan

Art By Harry Mullan


Desolate empty world

void of  beauty

a lonely bird

with no wish to sing

a single blooming flower

is it the last

no more to be seen

a barren tree

forlorn of life

waiting to crumble

sitting on dead ground

growth non-existent

an empty river

poisoned beyond repair

is this our future

is this the end

man-kinds legacy.


The picture above is my first try at art.

12 Comments to “Desolate”

  1. Harry the combination of these two is fabulous. I love this poem on its own but combined with your artwork its just so powerful. Your first attempt is great, I love it. And we are heading that way faster than we think. Why dont we wake up?!

  2. I love the artwork, Harry. Your poem has a very profound message we should all listen to.

  3. Harry, you are a true Renaissance man . . . I enjoyed both your ‘voices’ . . .

  4. Thanks Peter.

    Both my voices, i’m going to lay down and work that one out.

  5. Nice artwork Harry and a message!

  6. The question is, which came first, the art or the words because they fit wonderfully together!!!! 🙂

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