The Black Serpent

by russtowne

This is dedicated to all survivors of the black serpent of depression and those now in its terrible grip.

May you find peace, love, light, and freedom.  Know that you aren’t alone, and that you are loved.


The Black Serpent


The black serpent

Cunning and vicious

Strikes quickly

Or patiently

Pulls me in

An inch at a time.

Fangs pump poison

Self-loathing, fear,

Shame, and doubt.

Powerful jaws

Drag me beneath the surface

Away from beauty, light and love

So darkness is all I see

Coldness is all I feel

Except the spreading numbness.

Alone and lonely.

Crushing weight

In the Depths of Depression

No escape.

No hope.

Thoughts so ensnared

Even sleep is no refuge.

My brain can’t find peace

Dreams become nightmares.

Whispers of heart and spirit

Smothered by the sounds

Of a tormented mind.

–Russ Towne




2 Comments to “The Black Serpent”

  1. Really well written. Evocative. Made me think of the advice given to some amabassadors when the snake tries to eat you, wait until you are half eaten and then use a knife to split it open and get free!!

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