Lessons in Literature

by tjtherien

Poetry challenge: Sonnet poem.

I have been Cyrano for far too long,
Hiding behind my nose and sing song words,
Roxanne, my dear, I have done you so wrong,
Because I have been loving you in thirds,
Not letting you see who I really am,
Concealing these feelings I feel for you,
My finger stuck in the dyke and damn,

I’ve been lying so long I don’t know what’s true,
I point you in the direction of another,
I play the part of the dutiful friend,
Would be lover and surrogate brother,
Never showing you the poems I’ve penned,
I hang my head and I sigh abjectly,
Because I fear you will only reject me

T J Therien

6 Comments to “Lessons in Literature”

  1. This is a wonderful heartfelt poem, I love the reference to Cyrano de Bergerac, just excellent.

    • thank you very much Dom… Cyrano and Quixote are two of my favourite literary characters… If you get the chance there is a stage version of Cyrano PBS shows from time to time staring Kevin Kline, it’s worth watching.

  2. nicely done – it’s good to be able to finally comment

    • Thank you Paul. I am also accepting comments on my new blogs… I missed interacting with other bloggers so I closed my old blog and started 2 new blogs where hopefully I will be able to interact with people. One is for my Novel, the other is a Poetry blog. http://insidethepoetsmind.wordpress.com/ is for the Poetry…

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