This Drugged Life

by Venkat

In this drugged river of life
Knotted by chords of excitement
Twisted into feelings high
We run in attempts to fly

As the effects wear off
We touch golden moments
Rich spikes of godliness
In a sea of senselessness

As do tidal waves high
Only to fall back unto itself
We mingle back in drugged life
Caught into tentacles of strife

Until anti-gravity emerges
Again as firecrackers, timed
We shoot into the sky
Showing genuine love by

Then to fall back in abyss
Made in a web called life
An opium misunderstood
Glued into it to brood

A skin made to be fast paced
With a bone slow as a snail
Life is a conundrum, misfit
Until the drugs wear off it

Our love lasting as bubbles
Above the boiling red hell
Of our own graceless life, distant
Lost in its own gravity, each instant


7 Comments to “This Drugged Life”

  1. You’ve touched the nerve of our modern dilemma: life managed by one opiate or another . . . Simply living has become a difficult chore for most of us . . . It is a sadness . . .

  2. I swallow a whole pharmacy every day – the last 4 lines are brilliant

  3. This is so brilliantly woven.. Such truth, sad as it is, on how we live. Bravo!

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