Haiku for Nane

by Easter Ellen
Photo by Easter Ellen

Photo by Easter Ellen


Crawling.. travailing
Caterpillar lost in mud
Look up; take flight; soar


16 Comments to “Haiku for Nane”

  1. And it will! And so will we as long as we stay aware. Love this haiku.

    • Thank you so very much.. a few words for those feeling down, to look up and know that there is more.

      • Im going to copy this to keep. It will help me on my low MS days which can happen unpredictably. I can soar despite MS even if not physically, but mentally and emotionally. X

      • Awww. I feel for you and I am so happy that you found some peace in this. I have Lupus and RA and a constant barraging of kidney stones that often land me in the hospital with septic infections, so I understand how defeated being ill can leave you, although my ailments cannot even compare to yours. I am sorry that you suffer this way.
        If you go onto my blog, there is another related poem called “Little Caterpillar”. I think that you will like it. I think I may have posted it on here, actually, but I am not sure. Anyhow… take a look, it is an expanded version of this haiku.
        Bless you lots,

      • Thank you so much Easter! I will pop over and have a look. Xx

      • 🙂 My pleasure.. I hope you enjoy…

  2. Its just beautiful! I left a comment on your blog. X

  3. If a child can hold a caterpillar that gently in his hand, just imagine how tenderly God holds us in his . . . Pleading, come on, sister, FLY!

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