Between You And Me

by Venkat

Be your presence close or far
Love has same distance
Between you and me

Be your eyes dear or sunk
Heart melts to the same brim
Between joy and sadness

Be your words sweet or sour
Mind reads the same reality
Between heaven and hell

Be your thought enduring or not
They weigh the same measure
Between value and truth

Be your feelings high or low
Move on same tide of acceptance
Between breadth and depth

Be your love silent or loud
Ears hear the same music
Between truth and pretension

Be your face bright or sullen
Hands sketch with same passion
Between existence and non-existence


2 Comments to “Between You And Me”

  1. Nice, Venkat: Love always needs the ‘other’ to be complete; and the ‘other’ will always be changing even as we are changing, therefore never exactly what or where we are . . . Mystery!

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