Towards Truth

by Venkat

May your words hurled as stones
Become hard chisel works
To sculpt myself within
Towards truth

May your caustic lines of criticism
Become subtle yard sticks
To measure my vision
Towards truth

May your sharp knives of anger
Become fine metal lathes
To rub on my thought
Towards truth

May your dark moment of sorrow
Become my own shadow
To reflect upon, deep
Towards truth

May your eyes of good judgment
Become my far lighthouse
To see through myself
Towards truth

May your heart of soft candle wax
Become my love, yearned
To light up the soul
Towards truth

May your waves of loud laughter
Become my ship’s ocean
To wade across earth
Towards truth

May your presence, enduring
Become my fragrant color
To wear upon forever
Towards truth


3 Comments to “Towards Truth”

  1. Beautiful poem, Venkat . . . Welcome back! I missed you . . . Sometime when you have the chance I would like you to give me your definition of Truth – not so I can criticize it but so I can learn from you . . . Blessings!

    • Thanks Peter. I will write to you on that. The difficulty is in defining something that has no clear definition. Yet we must try taking snapshots in time of that definition. Like other things, the snapshots would differ with time. You know better.

      • I’ll look for your answer in an email . . . And I agree with you. Truth is like a great mountain which changes its appearance from different vantage points of observation or of climate or of the situation of the observer . . .

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