Just What If?

by Heather's Starting End



Just what if. your memory was erased
To wake in the morning, clean fresh slate?
You’ve forgotten it all, nothings been missed
Your soul then empty, get the jist?

Just what if you forgot, to spend your day
With love in your heart, nothing good to say?
You’d go to bed angry and incomplete
Cause you’ve missed simple moments meant to keep

Just what if you think, it can’t get worse
And find that that saying, is truly a curse?
Cause worse it has gotten, real, real quick
One of your loved ones, terminally sick

Just what if joy, took over your world
Happiness ruled and passion unfurled?
All simple pleasures seen and felt
Keeping the cards that you’ve been dealt

Just what if you, accept what you have
Stop comparing notes on all that is bad?
Then life’s not a prison, but one you should guard
It’s your choice if you live it happy or hard

Just what if tomorrow, you start a new plan
To see this gift Gods placed in your hand
Just what if?




3 Comments to “Just What If?”

  1. Beautiful, Heather . . . Kierkegaard said that if we would know God’s unconditional love we must dare to leap into the unknown, for the Grace we seek is already there before us waiting to catch us . . . That Love never lets us fall . . .

  2. I so love this Heather… again our thoughts are so in line.. see my post 🙂 I can’t believe how similar they are in meaning.

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