Storms of Your Life, an English Sonnet

by Heather's Starting End

Poetry challenge: Sonnet poem.

Vanish the sun, when the clouds blanket grey
Impending darkness of a storm below
The rain drops fall large, thunder will follow
As wind comes alive, the trees start to sway

Do birds seek shelter this wet rainy day
In nests they have built  a season ago
Or Take flight in the sky, soar to and fro
A choice to be chosen, shelter or play

So off they glide with their wings spread so wide
The air, their playground, admired in awe
Safe in our home behind windows we hide
Witness life freedom, they’ve chosen to soar

Just like the bird, take on storms of your life
Free in your spirit, omitting strife more



Photo by Karrah Kobus

7 Responses to “Storms of Your Life, an English Sonnet”

  1. Very nice, Heather, very nice . . .

  2. Beautiful Heather.. I’ve watched a few documentaries on birds lately and I love how you paint them here.


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