A Dream that is Real, an English Sonnet

by Heather's Starting End

Poetry challenge: Sonnet poem.

North cap 3 water

A dream that is real comes now in my sight
Glorious hues, early morning sunrise
Sunset abounding, Heaven in the night
My favorite dream before my own eyes

Hands caress the sand of soft white grain beach
Crystal water rushes, greets yearning toes
I can feel it now, not far out of reach
Rejuvenation and peace starving woes

 A welcome destination fills my heart
Gives tranquility that lasts me the year
You know already I won’t want to part
I’d spend eternity rather right here

A barrier island that’s just for me
One casts away troubles and lets life be


Photo of Captiva, Fl. http://www.backwaterbayrealestate.com

5 Responses to “A Dream that is Real, an English Sonnet”

  1. Heather, you’re off in another world . . .

  2. In just 49 more Days, yes :)….on my barrier Island.

  3. It was a fun try. Thank you, Chris 🙂


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