by Harry

Submitted by D V
They are moving along the granite corridor,
Hurriedly crossing the etched glass door,
Heading for a meeting that will conclude;
The final stack that market will consume,
Setting the Growth rate that will bring a fascinating fortune.
I was there at the corner looking at them,
Sipping a hot cup of tea just taken away;
I was admiring the style they portray;
Memorizing the dialogue quite often they say,
Ignoring several burns my lips has tolerated over the entire day;
But I was far behind them, far less smart than that are they.
Some have gone up the ladder and reached where a few can go,
With a mind set to grow and evolve with time that never goes slow,

They have left the stories of success to show,
Tagged with preeminence and alluring glow.
They have decorated their regal chamber,
With upgrade taste and newest décor;
With designer’s tile mixed with marble on wall and floor,
With crafted ceramic and crystal hangings on the door.
A high back chair that will swing and pamper,
And a black top table housing a lamp and a coffee coaster,
Stack of book; some pens and a teak holder.
Well this is the chamber of dream;
We must not forget they are nation’s cream.
Rest all look up with expectation;
Over the bund of patience holding back an awful desperation,
And follow a rule book of equality;
That has written intricately in the clause of democracy,
This is the manager’s skill of diplomacy,
And acumen of HR that reflects in the policy.
I try to emulate them and try to fix the logo on the jersey;
I gulp the bacteria free water, inhale germ free air,
Set my silky knot and crease of my beige blazer;

With a hope that it will set me free some day in a magical way;
To choose my ever budding captivity;
And make me apt to perform amidst new age activity.

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