How To Over-think Almost Everything, sonnet

by Harry

Poetry challenge: Sonnet poem.

Submitted by djgrrr17

Wishing so long has all but killed my dreams,
Truth, in effect, has watered flames of hope.
As a carriage fixed with double teams
Love has flown, and fact gnaws at the rope.
Waiting, wondering when life will unfold
I stand amidst the sky and watch the stars,

Despite their heat, I lack enough for cold
And with silence, save soliloquy, I spar.
A desperate and melancholy note
Responds as if a charmed conductor knew
Of all the paltry poetry I wrote
To tell you that my love belonged to you.
But knowing that our time will never come
At loneliness, I’m more adept than some.

by Kimberly Miller

7 Responses to “How To Over-think Almost Everything, sonnet”

  1. Very nicely done, Kimberly . . . And finely-spoken, as well . . . I especially liked the line – ‘As a carriage fixed with double teams / Love has flown’ . . . Great turn of a phrase as well as a thought . . . Blessings!

  2. Stunning sonnet Harry.. So lovely.

  3. No worries. Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it and it feels pretty nice to have a poem of mine described as “stunning.” Thanks again!

  4. BTW, How To Overthink Almost Everything is the title of my blog, not of this sonnet. The title of this poem is simply, Sonnet 17.


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