Did You Read That

by graypoet


You read the words written
Wondering what they express
Thoughts, feelings, dreams
Of what you can only guess.

We read ourself into words
Feeling all that is shared
Knowing the emotion written
Happy, concerned or scared.

But more than reading letters
Can you feel the written intent
Are you able to feel the heart
How much time the writer spent.

For some words flow so easily
Others must ponder and rethink
Rolling each thought around
Before letting it finally ink.

I compose my words as I ramble
Some are shared, some are not
Oh how often they’re discarded
But few are they ever forgot.

Don’t just read the words over
Missing the story that I tell
For they may contain my story
Only readers will know me well.

3 Comments to “Did You Read That”

  1. Love this – beautifully said.

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