An Odyssey Called Life

by Georgia
We Wordle #17

We Wordle #17 – Red Wolf Poems

An Odyssey Called Life

Through the mists of time
My boat sailed up an unknown channel
Limpid was the river water
Between the willowed banks

I rose my striped sails, caught the wind,
Though mists seemed to veil the valley
Loud happy mallards played so carefree
That I forsook all caution and worry…

Then, upon rounding a faithless bend …
Pulled by wild currents of impermanence,
I came suddenly upon an unknown vale …
‘Twas dark and boggy filled with lifeless muck.

The scenery was gloomy and forsaken,
Stones poked perilously from the waters
Camouflaged in tendrils of bloody algae,
Cautioned, I pulled out my rowing oars.

I heard the sound of an eerie gramophone …
It’s melody a macabre and sad slow dirge …
Distracted by a sudden trumpet blast,
I collided against a phantom wall …

The wall was covered in ancient runes,
Magic symbols danced there hazily …
Firey ink seemed to have written there
An epic poem of many stanzas.

High above, upon the ancient wall,
I saw there was a golden cage …
Doll-like demons were playing cards
Deciding the fate of dueling men …

Though without a drop of pleasure
I descended then into the muddy torrent,
Pulling my barque I slipped into the current …
And hoped to find my way into homey waters.

The water was soon limpid
As I flowed closer to the sea
The tide was going out right then
And pulled me into a bay.

Droplets of moon-light fell silently
Into the early evening sea,
I raised my striped sails once again,
To catch the evening breeze.

Onwards I sail for the time I have,
Upon the byways of existence,
Through golden light and demon’s fire,
That are the textures and colors of life.

Inspired by Red Wolf Poems


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