I Witnessed a Dance

by Heather's Starting End


I witnessed the Dance of unscathed hearts
Youthful, new found love
Profoundly sweet, uninhibited dreams
Nary an inkling they’d grow

Dreaming of love so ever serene
As they gaze past their teenage years
Into a future
Not blinded by sight
Of finale
That ends shedding tears

I witnessed the Dance that came to the end
I witnessed a Dance divine
I witnessed a love familiar to me
A love like once was mine

So come as you are
First love of our lives
Don’t know there’s a time to go

For as long as you’re here
Our world will be right
As first pain we will not yet know


6 Comments to “I Witnessed a Dance”

  1. How very lovely and splken with the beauty and truth of of wisdom that knows love well. xox

  2. Your words an message strongly resonated with me. Easy to read and evokes distant memories of young lovers and more innocent times. Well done!

  3. Gentle and entirely beautiful 🙂

  4. so beautiful..like the first raindrops on a thirsty petal…

  5. Inspiring and hopeful Heather.

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